12 June 2015

Virtual Office Hours and Seminar mode offering via an Australian business degree at Sunway College

Sunway College, one of the pioneer twinning programmes providers in Malaysia offers a curriculum identical to VU Melbourne, Australia. One of the ways of assuring Sunway College provides a true Australian learning experience is via the Burst Mode or Block Teaching, whereby academic staff from VU Australia visit to teach the students and exchange ideas on their teaching experience with the academic team on the VU Bachelor of Business programme at Sunway College every semester.

Recently, Kathy Michael, Steven Wdowik and Dr Maxwell Winchester from VU Melbourne visited Sunway College for their block teaching stint. In addition to teaching their respective subjects, they were here to ensure the quality of the VU programme delivery standards, to plan and implement the latest teaching strategies and methodologies at Sunway College which had already been tested and delivered in Australia.

From left: Steven Wdowik, Kathy Michael, Greeja Hemalata De Silva and Dr Maxwell Winchester

11 June 2015

Sunway University Pays Tribute to Teachers with Oscar Themed Celebration

Ten teachers each took home an “Oscar” for Best Teacher at Sunway University’s Teachers Day celebration. Over 200 teachers, principals and counsellors from several schools around the Klang Valley celebrated at “The Oscars”, a gala celebration for a stellar cast of teachers.

The event organised by students from the Diploma in Events Management and Diploma in Hotel Management under Sunway University’s Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Management (CTCHM) had the guests walking on the red carpet and posing for photographs against backdrops specially prepared by the students. The teachers were also treated to a delicious spread of lunch. Delectable desserts were specially prepared for the occasion by students from CTHCM’s BSc (Hons) Culinary Management.

Some of the BSc (Hons) Culinary Management students with Anisha Chai, Head of Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Management (1st from right)

10 June 2015

Sunway Education Group bridges the generation gap

“As parents and guardians, we would want to bring out the best in our child, in all aspects of learning, in school and at every stage of their learning journey in the hope that we can create a better future together,” said Dr Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of Sunway University and Sunway Education Group at the start of the Sunway Parent Conference 2015.

In support of parents or guardians in their parenting challenges in the 21st century, Sunway Education Group’s Student Services Department organised the one-day conference, themed “Bridging the Generation Gap”.

Paul Jambunathan was the keynote speaker at the Sunway Parent Conference 2015

08 June 2015

Giant Water Lily at Sunway University and Sunway College

Victoria amazonica, the Giant Water Lily of the Amazon, since its discovery in Bolivia in 1801, has captivated botanists and the general public as one of the wonders of the plant kingdom with its enormous size and unique floral biology. Sunway University’s Head of Science and Engineering Resources Dr K. A. Sagathevan together with his student helper Aaron Ang Chun Hou, former Sunway College’s A-level student, have successfully grew it at the rooftop of Sunway University!

Victoria amazonica is the largest member of the water lily family Nymphaeaceae. It is well known for its huge circular leaves that can potentially grow up to 2.70m in diameter and withstand approximately 50kg, which are often pictured with a small child sitting supported in the centre as a demonstration of their size and strength.

Aaron Ang (left) with his team moving the Giant Water Lily out of water for repotting