28 September 2017

Sunway’s SEA Games 2017 Medallists Honoured With A Heroes Welcome

The Sunway University Bus, carrying our victorious 11 Sunway Medal Winners , arrived on campus escorted by Police outriders , to a huge fanfare …

Hundreds of excited and proud Sunwayians gathered to welcome back our heroes & to honour their outstanding achievements at the SEA GAMES 2017.

27 September 2017

CPA Australia x KPMG Undergrad Challenge

Three outstanding students from the Victoria University Undergraduate Programme, Cheah Luey Teng, Avelynn Michael and Poong Chun Leong participated in the CPA Australia x KPMG Undergrad Challenge Competition on 17 July 2017. Having successfully passed the first two rounds of challenges, this dynamic trio gained valuable experiences preparing and presenting to a board of professional judges from CPA Australia and KPMG Malaysia in their final round. Their impressive presentation won them the consolation prize and an internship with KPMG.

Boarding Pass to the Semi-Final Round

CIMP alumni won medals at SEA games

CIMP is proud of its two alumni who represented Malaysia at the SEA Games this September. Gymnasts Farah Ann Binti Abdul Hadi and Tang Ing Yueh both graduated from CIMP and were part of the gold medal-winning team at the SEA Games. Farah also won gold with her individual floor routine, nailing the final tricky pass. Ing Yueh also took home the gold medal on the vault and silver on the balance beam.

Harvard Book Prize winners from CIMP and SIS

CIMP students topped the nominations for the 2017 Harvard Prize Book Award with 7 of the 15 finalists. In the end of the 4 winners, two came from CIMP and another representing the Canadian Programme from Sunway International School. Loo Foong Ann and Lee Shirley were thrilled to represent CIMP and Edmund Chung Sim Wea was selected from SIS. Each winner took home an RM2000 cash prize.

Congratulations to EY YTPY 2017 National Champion Marissa Lee Sher May!

Sunway TES is proud to announce the two students who have been the cream of the crop in the EY Young Tax Professional of the Year 2017 competition held on the 7th September 2017. We would like to wish our heartiest congratulations Marissa Lee Sher May as she prevailed to be the champion for the National finals of YTPY 2017. Coming in as second runner-up of the National finals was Yee Pui Kei.

From left: National Champion Marissa Lee Sher May, STES Lecturer Kok Fong Hun, 2nd Runner-up Yee Pui Kei.

MASISWA Sports Carnival Selangor Zone 2017

It was the very first time Sunway University selected as the host for the MASISWA Sports Carnival Selangor Zone Championship. It was like a dream came true for Sunway Sports Team to be given the opportunity and chance as an ideal opportunity for the us to promote our facilities within the campus and around Bandar Sunway. 4 sports contested (Table Tennis, Badminton, Netball and Chess) during the three days event. The medals handed out, and the record books closed. A total of 21 institutions took part for this year.

MASISWA Bowling Championship 2017

Majlis Sukan IPTS Malaysia (MASISWA) Bowling Championship 2017 was held on the 29th – 30th August at Sunway Mega Lanes. The event started with Singles event and ended with Doubles event over the two days event. It was another huge honour for Sunway Sports Team to be given another opportunity to host the prestigious event once again this year.

Men's Singles:
Champion - Abdul Hadi Harun (SEGi University)
1st runner-up - Ian Yap Chun Kit (Sunway University)
2nd runner-up - Irfan Irsyaduddin (SEGi University)

Women's Singles:
Champion - Siti Nurnadia (KPTM Bangi)
1st runner-up - Nur Ameera (Sunway University)
2nd runner-up - Sheena Ayesha Dina Rizal (HELP University)

Men's Doubles:
Champion - Jufrisafwan & Muhammad Naim (MSU)
1st runner-up - Abdul Hadi Harun & Irfan Isyaduddin (SEGi University)
2nd runner-up - Wan Nazmi Fikri & Cheah Yung Ren (Sunway University)

Women's Doubles:
Champion - Nur Ain Izzani & Nur Shima Izzati (KLMUC)
1st runner-up - Najwa Nazirah & Nur Ameera (Sunway University)
2nd runner-up - Yee Kar Men & Nur Dayana (Sunway University)

More pictures on our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/sunwaysports/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1261209923988775

Malaysia Fest 2017

Malaysia is known for its many faceted diversities. 16th of September mark the day that Malaysia was formed and the Sekretariat Rukun Negara Sunway took the opportunity to celebrate it. The event was filled with cultural performances and a mini traditional exhibition that allowed us to preserve the cultural traditions.

Introduction To Fintech

VU @ Sunway had once again organised another outstanding Talk on the 18th August 2017 entitled “Introduction to Fintech – Part 1”, organised by Dr Benedict Valentine Arulanandam. A total of 56 students enrolled for this event. The talk included: Overview of Fintech, Governance and Financial Regulations, Branding and Marketing of Fintech and the future of banking technologies. Students were interactive and appreciated the insightful knowledge of Fintech.

VU Business Challenge 2017

It was a much-anticipated day for the Chinese Independent Schools as they walked into Sunway College on July 1, 2017. The VU Business Challenge, organised by the Victoria University Undergraduate Programme (VUUP) and supported by Sunway College, is an annual competition held to encourage budding entrepreneurs to showcase their creative innovations that can solve common day-to-day problems and meet customer needs. As the challenge rewards lucrative prizes for winners, the competition had high stakes and required the high school students to undergo a series of presentation rounds before being selected for the final pitch in front of invited adjudicators from the industry.

Teaching & Learning Seminar 2017 VU @ Sunway

This is the second Teaching & Learning related event organised by the Teaching & Learning committee of VU Undergraduate Programme. This seminar was held on 7 September at LT5, New University Building at Sunway University. The T&L seminar is a showcase of research work from VUUP staff. The aim of the seminar is to foster a stronger research culture within the department and to encourage research projects and related initiatives among the staff.

21 September 2017

Congratulations to the Top 4 Winners of Harvard Prize Book Awards!

The Harvard Club of Malaysia collaborates with Sunway College held a ceremony to celebrates the Top 4 winners of the Harvard Prize Book Award. Lee Shirley (CIMP), Loo Foong Ann (CIMP), Chong Zhen Yuen (A Level), and Edmund Chung Sim Wea (SIS), They each received RM 2,000 cash prize, a copy of the Harvard Prize Book, a certificate endorsed by the Harvard Club of Malaysia and an internship opportunity with the Harvard Club of Malaysia.

From left to right: Tan Sri Lin See-Yan, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah AO, Edmund Chung Sim Wea, Loo Foong Ann, Lee Shirley, Chong Zhen Yuen, Tan Sri Razman Hashim, Dr Elizabeth Lee, and Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam

This has been the seven-year collaboration between Harvard Club of Malaysia and Sunway College. Since 1910, Harvard University has been awarding Harvard Prize Book Award to outstanding students worldwide in recognition to their academic achievement and demonstrate exceptional contribution in community service.