25 July 2013

The ultimate Cambridge experience for Sunway A-Level student

Ng Zhu Shen, a former Sunway A-Level student has successfully transferred to the University of Cambridge to pursue a degree in Engineering. Having returned after a year for a short break, Zhu Shen relates his experience studying in this prestigious university, “Cambridge is the best university in the world and the highlight would be its strong academic environment. We have lectures, practical and coursework to focus on and are each assigned to a tutor to help us in our studies.” He enthusiastically shared an example of one of his lecturers who threw a boomerang in the middle of a class while explaining its underlying theories and mechanism.

Ng Zhu Shen at the University of Cambridge.

16 July 2013

Sunway College’s FIA programme celebrates their 11th Graduation Ceremony

Sunway College’s home-grown pre-university programme, Foundation in Arts (FIA) celebrated the success of 121 graduates during the 11th graduation ceremony held recently. The top three scorers, Soo Zuo Ping, Marcellina Ping Majin and Ng See Yong scored an average of 88.85%, 86.40% and 85.35% respectively.

Zuo Ping said what motivated him to work harder was the scholarship to continue his studies. “Throughout the FIA, I tried to learn from friends who are performing better than me and possess outstanding skills. Teachers who are active, friendly and dedicated made the FIA programme a memorable one. I never would have imagined learning about abortion in China and gun possession in the United Stated during my course of study with the FIA. However, this enhanced my general knowledge and exposed me to issues surrounding the world,” shared Zuo Ping, who will be pursuing the BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance and Sunway University.

The proud Sunway FIA graduates with their teachers.