06 February 2014

Sunway AUSMAT students are UNDENIABLY Top in Malaysia and the WORLD!

At the recent AUSMAT Achievement & Appreciation Awards, Sunway AUSMAT students celebrated their remarkable achievements in last year’s WACE examinations.

Top student and President of Student Council for AUSMAT 2013, Gavin Gan Yew Meng received the Special Course Award for English as Additional Language & Dialect (EALD). This top world is awarded to Gavin for obtaining the highest mark in EALD worldwide.

Gavin was also a recipient of the Special Certificate of Distinction along with Vivian Tan Ai Wen for Accounting & Finance and Oliver Leonard Jalleh for Business Management & Enterprise. This Certificate of Distinction is awarded to students who are in the top 0.5 per cent of candidates in a WACE subject in the 2013 WACE exam worldwide.

Four students, Lee Wen Hui, Bryan Poh Chen Shen, Preeya Kaur Dhaliwal and Gerald Tan Chen Jie who achieved above ATAR 99 and above were presented with the Achievement Award for WACE Top 1%, while their course-mates who achieved ATAR 95 and above received the Achievement Award for WACE Top 5%. 60% of AUSMAT students achieved ATAR 80 and above with 99% qualifying for university education worldwide.

The event also paid tribute to the AUSMAT Student Council who have proven that they are not only good academically but in their time management as well as they have been active in organising and running events, being student ambassadors and academic mentors to their peers. Gavin who intends to pursue further studies at National University of Singapore, in his speech encouraged new students to join the council, “Take the opportunity to do great things and make great friends along the way.”

Citing that it takes a lot of hard work and determination for the AUSMAT programme as he juggled studying and extra-curricular activities, he said “One thing AUSMAT will teach you – you are capable of doing so much more!”

Sean Low Shan An, a Student Council member and academic mentor for the Business Management & Enterprise subject, in his speech for the sharing session said, “It is not about knowing everything or being the top scorer in exams, it is about the willingness to share with others what you know and it is also an opportunity for you to learn more.”

AUSMAT at Sunway is more than just learning in the classroom. Students get hands-on experience through out of class activities where they learn team work, interpersonal and leadership skills which help make AUSMAT a truly memorable experience. The programme is unique in the way that it focuses on the holistic development of students by addressing individual learning needs, personal growth and uses a multiple approach to problem solving and critical thinking. The broad learning pedagogies of AUSMAT prepare students for university level studies and enable them to apply skills into other disciplines and specializations.

Sunway is the largest and longest running provider of AUSMAT (Australian Year 12) in Malaysia. The strong partnership of Sunway College and, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) is committed to uphold the standards of the programme to that ensure quality assurance and teaching consistent to that of Western Australian Schools.

The Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) at Sunway is an internationally recognised pre-university programme. This programme prepares students for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and is widely accepted by universities in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Singapore and also private universities and university colleges in Malaysia.

The AUSMAT programme at Sunway College offers a flexible combination of diverse subjects which include Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, Economics, Accounting and Finance, and Business Management. The programme does not restrict students to any specialisation or subject combination. Depending on their personal interests, students can choose and combine a variety of subjects for their studies allowing them to develop their best potentials.