22 June 2012

Sunway A-Level student to pursue dentistry dream

“My heart is with Sunway,” said Lew Ken Jean recently when he came home to visit his teachers and friends once more before leaving for Hong Kong University to pursue his dream in Dentistry.” I have learned so much throughout my experience here and have opened my heart to good friends and teachers who have made my experience so much more memorable,” he shared.

Lew Ken Jean recommends the Sunway A-Level programme to students looking for a good foundation programme.

01 June 2012

Learning about business and charity

72 students of the Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) of Sunway College donated RM4,600 to WWF Malaysia. The amount was raised from a two-day product sale at the Energy Hub in Sunway College in which students applied knowledge of five management skills from their Business Leadership Management Fundamentals (BOH4M) class to come up with their own unique products and services to elicit purchases from their fellow students.
The BOH4M class with Brandon (4th from right, first row)

Class representative, Lee Ee-Anne said “We are proud to donate, even in this small way to WWF Malaysia, an organisation which makes a significant contribution to Malaysian wildlife. Thanks for all the great work you do”
From left to right, John Futa, Brandon Liu (receiving cheque), Liz Erskine, Ee-Anne and Dave Leonard

Fellow student, Christine Tan said “We had a fun experience raising the money and it feels good to help society and the environment”

Mr John Futa, Director of the CIMP and lecturers Liz Erskine and Dave Leonard as well as Ee-Anne presented the cheque to WWF Malaysia’s Youth Outreach Executive, Brandon Liu at Sunway College.