14 January 2015

Sunway Alumni Launches Book on Paktorlogy

Josh Lee Awang, Sunway College A-level alumnus recently launched his book Paktorlogy at Sunway University. In the presence of the Sunway Education Group staff and management together with students, family members and friends, Josh gave a short presentation and talk about what his book is about.

“I decided to write such a book because after counselling so many families, I realised that I could go upstream and arrest the problem early before folks even start dating and hopefully minimise the damage before it has even begun”, said Josh.

Josh is Programme Director and a founding member of StART Society, an arts-based academy for underprivileged children. Growing up, he saw how good counselling and solid community work helped troubled marriages and transform entire communities through his parents who were counsellors themselves. The experience sparked a similar passion in him.

Having worked with teens and young adults as a lecturer and as Head of StART Society, he found that teens these days are disengaged from their parents, many from broken homes and a majority end up in bad relationships.

“Realising this, I decided that with the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained from counselling and my many, many previous mistakes, I could perhaps share my experiences and help bridge that gap so that hopefully, it will set them on the right path as they approach adulthood and the potential relationships that come with it,“ explained Josh.

In his role as a Sunway alumnus, Josh has made various contributions especially in identifying and introducing deserving students for the JCF Community Scholarships, upholding the spirit of giving back to the community.

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