29 March 2017

SAFE CNY Celebration Party 2017

In conjunction with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, SAFE (Sunway Actuarial & Financial Excellence) had organized a CNY Celebration Party in this February. We aimed to provide some quality time for the members to have fun and most certainly, to catch up with each other during this festive season.

The celebration started off by carrying out a total of 5 station games in the university building before moving to Nadayu28 Residence for the BBQ dinner. It is true that they say time flies when you are having fun as 3 hours seemed like just a blink of eye during the game session. Laughter could be heard echoing along the corridor when there were such witty games as Magnification, Cup Game, Shut Up and Guess, Avoid the Chairs and Charade.

After the games session, it was time for the BBQ Party to begin! Various kinds of delicious food were prepared and the participants helped themselves while chatting with each other. After having a few pieces of chicken and sandwiches, lucky draw winners were announced and some people started playing cards. A few tunes from the guitar could be heard. Then someone hyped the crowd up by performing some magic tricks! It was truly an unforgettable night and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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