29 March 2017

Flexibility with MUFY Programme at Sunway College

“I chose the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) programme because of the fair distribution of scores across the internal and external examinations. The past twelve plus years as a student, I have always hated the concept of having my future resting on a single paper at the end of my semester. MUFY gave me the option to devise my study schedules to fit my personal preference” said Ng Jee Hong, an alumnus of the MUFY programme at Sunway College.

Ng Jee Hong

“I believe the internal exams are what makes MUFY different from the rest. Since primary school, all our exams are held at the end of the year where the semester-end paper contributes to 90-100% of the final score. Me being me, studies were often left to the last few weeks before exams. In MUFY, tests are held every few weeks while the topic is still fresh in my mind. More often than not, I require little to no revision when taking these tests.

I think the frequent internal examinations are actually more beneficial towards students because they actually include more in-depth coverage of the topic. When all the topics of the semester are condensed into one final examination, I think it is quite hard for students like myself to be able to study an entire semester’s worth of knowledge knowing that you will only be tested for only a tiny portion of what you’ve learnt throughout the whole semester. Most of the time, students like me end up taking these exams with a hit-or-miss strategy (been there, done that). Besides that, joining MUFY was a great choice for me because of the freedom of being able to choose whatever subjects may suit me while also having various options after completing my course”, explained the 18-year old formerly of Catholic High School Petaling Jaya.

Ng was particularly drawn in by the research project in his English Unit 2 class. “Being able to actually research and work on your own research papers gives a surprisingly good sense of accomplishment upon completion of the research paper. Nothing beats the sensation of slapping down a stack of completed papers of your own creation.”

When questioned on whether the time in the MUFY programme has helped him grow as a person, Ng’s answer was “Yes, definitely. As I stated before, the frequent tests gave me the responsibility of tracking my own progress throughout the semester. I think that the key to being a good student is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Once you get a hold of your capabilities, you can strive to improve your imperfections.”

Ng will be pursuing a Bachelor of Design majoring in Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design, the University of Melbourne beginning end February. After completing the 3-year programme, Ng plans to pursue a Master of Architecture for another 2 years.

“Architecture seems to be the perfect course as I enjoy studying physics concepts behind the construction of buildings while at the same time, I will be able to use my ideas to create structures that excel both practicality-wise and design-wise. I look forward to the classes where I will be exposed to a completely different field of knowledge that I will need in order to become an architect.”

Ng’s most important takeaway from the MUFY programme at Sunway College for the next step of his journey, “I came to understand that if you enjoy what you’re doing, you will excel at it effortlessly.”

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