29 March 2017

Peer Counselling Volunteers Events and Highlights Feb-March 2017

February Highlights
Theme of the month: Relationship and Friendship

PCV Mind Matters: Taking the First Step 
“Cherishing Old Friends and Making New Friends”

In accordance to the theme of the month, PCV organized its very first Mind Matters for 2017 which was conducted by our fellow LIP members; Rohini and Chai Yin. The objective was to actively discuss the struggles and try to find effective solutions in maintaining the bond of a lifetime between old friends, at the same time making new ones in a whole new environment.

PCV Mind Matters: Moving from Conflict to Connection

Another event that was carried out according to the theme was our second Mind Matters; an interactive workshop on how to be effective at managing conflicts and emotions and transform them into peaceful resolutions. This workshop was conducted by an invited speaker Diana Kublos who is very compassionate mediator and a communication trainer

PCV: Secret Angel

Last but not least, is our eternal event Secret Angel. Secret Angel was held for 2 weeks which commenced during our very first General Meeting back in the month of February where all of the participant had to introduce themselves. Two weeks after, was the reveal of all participants’ angels during our second General Meeting. How Secret Angel works is that participants were encouraged to deliver gifts to their mortals anonymously by passing those gifts to the Person in Charge (PIC) and the PIC will distribute these gifts to their rightful owners. The main purpose of this internal event is to form new ties between PCV members and at the same time, strengthen the bonds that were already formed between some of the members apart from encouraging random act of kindness. All in all, it was a great experience as some of them do kept in touch and became closer to each other after this event.

March Highlights
Theme of the month: Self Esteem

PCV Mind Matters: Break Free 
“Unleash Your Maximum Power, Harness Your Power Within”

In accordance to the theme of the month, a Mind Matters session entitled “Unleash Your Maximum Power, Harness Your Power Within” was conducted also by our fellow LIP members; Jing Wei and Nazrul. This Mind Matters session was focused on how to be more confident in doing what you do by means of conquering your inner fears to further improve your self-esteem.

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