12 March 2016

Sunway College a conducive environment for A-Level students

Sunway College’s A-level student Kan Chang Yu recently won the Best Across Four Cambridge International AS Levels Award, drawing him a step closer to pursuing his dream as a dentist. He describes it as “It is my honour to receive this award, and it is completely out of my expectations”.

“Sunway College has provided me an awesome learning experience. The facilities, lecturers, co-curriculum activities and accommodation created a perfect environment for us to fully concentrate on our studies while doing our favourite activities.”

Chang Yu wishes to specialize in orthodontist.

Chang Yu was actively involved in the activities and events organised by the Sunway Student Volunteers, some of which included recycling and planting trees. He also visited an orphanage and old folks’ home which was organised by the Sunway Pre-dental Club.

Despite having difficulties with the level of English during his A-Level studies, Chang Yu completed his A-Level programme in November last year scoring As for all his subjects, including his favourite – Physics.

The former student of SMK Kuala Ketil added, the pre-u programme led him to discover a wide and deep path for different fields of studies, which assisted him in making his decision to further his education.

“The A-Level Programme taught me certain values, to be more considerate of others, taking things more seriously, time management such as arranging our activities into a planned schedule, and to appreciate everything I have.”

The straight As student was a recipient of the Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) Bursary, decided to continue his pre-u studies in Sunway College after receiving a strong recommendation from a friend of his who was also studying here. Born in Kuala Ketil, Kedah, the19 year old who plays the piano and basketball is keen to further his studies in dental surgery or dental science, be it local or abroad. In looking ahead, Chang Yu hopes to start his own dental clinic after he gaining enough experience.

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