16 March 2016

CIMP wide selection of subjects favoured

“Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) was my preferred choice because I liked how the programme incorporated subjects from various fields of study in one programme,” said eighteen year old Nichole Gan Min Huey.

The former student of Chempaka Assembly of God (AOG) decided to enrol in the CIMP programme upon her mother’s encouragement for her to study at Sunway College.

Nichole Gan – Nichole received the Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Special Entrance Scholarship

“Students could take their pick between sciences, social science, and even business subjects. This freedom to pick subjects (based on students’ interest) made CIMP my most preferred Pre-U course in Sunway College.”

Apart from learning new things related to the subjects she took, Nicole found her time in CIMP enjoyable as she was also able to learn of new cultures, traditions, and various ideas from the people around her.

“The teachers in the programme were extremely helpful and encouraging which definitely played a part in my growth as a student and person.”

“The CIMP taught me that there’s more to the world than what we usually see or hear – whether it be from the media or word of mouth. The programme also taught me to not only listen but to understand and analyse things; to look into topics and expand my knowledge base.”

Despite the challenges of struggling with multiple tests, quizzes, and assignments throughout the whole programme, Nichole has no regrets joining CIMP and is grateful for the time she has had in the programme.

Her advice to students thinking to take up the CIMP, “Don’t take the programme lightly just because it’s 70% assignments based. There’s more to CIMP than meets the eye so be hardworking, do the best you can, and of course, enjoy your time in CIMP by meeting and getting to know people”. Nichole who received the Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award at the CIMP graduation last year is currently pursuing further studies at the University of Western Australia. She is majoring in Anthropology and Sociology, and Anatomy and Human Biology.

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  1. so,if you're in the arts stream, you can take science related subjects?