22 March 2016

Dialogue in the Dark – An Unusual Experiential Learning for VUMBA Students

30 VUMBA students have participated in the “Dialogue in the Dark (DiD)” workshop on the 5 th of March on Sunway campus as value added learning to the subject Business Ethics and Sustainability, which is one of the core subjects in completing VUMBA programme. Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) is a social enterprise which was established in Germany 25 years ago, providing non-visual business workshops with the objectives to shift perspective from disability to ability, and to enhance human interaction and empathy towards others. The workshop was conducted in complete darkness hence students are urged to adapt to blindness and learn to use hidden senses more effectively. Based on the feedback from students, it was very successful and inspiring as there was a lot of experiential learning in the areas of communication, teamwork and empathy. Students were very much impressed with their unusual experience in communicating and solving common tasks together in the dark. In coping with darkness, students learned to build trust and offer a helping hand to each other.

This unusual experience brings about impactful insights for VUMBA students in their everyday routines, be it at work, at social events or at home.

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