26 February 2016

Sunway College CIMP 49th Commencement Ceremony

“I would like to thank all parents here today for choosing Sunway and for your support, for sharing your children with us this year”, said Cheng Mien Wee, Director of Pre-University Studies, Sunway College at the 49th Commencement Ceremony for the Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP).

Tan Kai Chen who achieved the highest overall average at 98.33%, received 4 Subject Awards, one each for Biology, Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, Chemistry and Mathematics of Data Management. Asides from receiving her Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Tan also received the Nomination for 2015-2016 Governor General’s Medal for Academic Achievement, the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship and the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award.

Programme Award Recipient-Thaneesha Kanagarajah

Asides from paying tribute to the graduates’ academic achievements, the ceremony also recognized the students’ efforts in community service. A total of 80 graduates, 19 of them receiving the Diamond Award for contributing more than 100 hours of community service. Na Khai Yee was bestowed the Community Service Award for contributing a total of 340 hours towards volunteering for a good cause.

“Community service and giving back to society are key areas of the Sunway CIMP education”, said Cheng highlighting stories of CIMP students’ contribution. “For the past year our students have actively contributed through various fundraising projects raising a total of RM71,521 for charity. CIMP students helped raise and contributed RM60,000 in support of cancer research in Malaysia, RM4,893 for refugee efforts and RM1,440 for the Selangor Cheshire Home.”

Tan Kai Chen with Her Excellency Judith St. George, High Commissioner for Canada

She also paid tribute to the 4 amazing angels who helped deliver a baby at Sunway Pyramid. Three of whom are from Sunway, two CIMP students Farhana Mohd Fadzli and Wee Tai May together with Shirley Lee of the Sunway International School. “Their actions speaks a lot about education, it is not just about getting A’s and report cards but about what they truly become,” said Cheng. She then requested the CIMP graduates to rise and give their parents a rousing round of applause.

Valedictorian-Shaza Rae Selvarajoo

Shaza Rae Selvarajoo, began his valedictorian address by also paying tribute to all parents for letting him and his peers choose the CIMP. He also commented the CIMP was a good experience, and all good things must come to an end adding “We have arrived at the beginning of a crossroad. Fear not, as we look back on our days in the CIMP - The CIMP has taught us much, most importantly, we learned how to talk, impress ideas verbally and on paper. The next most important thing learned was unity – lecturers and strangers who were united for our events and causes. We were living our lives and doing our best with the very best.”

Sharing the excitement and celebration of the day with a total of 211 graduates were Puan Sri Datin Seri (Dr) Susan Cheah, EXCO member of the Sunway Group; Her Excellency Judith St. George, High Commissioner for Canada; Dr Lee Weng Keng, Chief Executive Officer, Education and Healthcare Division, Sunway Group and Professor Graeme Wilkinson, Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University.

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