13 January 2016

Memorable Night in Celebrating Excellence

It was truly a night to remember as success lingered in the air for our Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) graduates from Sunway College, who after spending months of hard work, they ended it by having a blast at the annual AUSMAT Night. The ambience and the theme ‘Stars of AUSMAT Reign’ was indeed a perfect match.

Many awards were given out during the night in recognition of their academic achievements. These included the Best Subject Awards to acknowledge the top scoring student of each subject, Shield of Excellence for the student who not only excelled academically but contributed significantly towards program events and the most notable award was the High Academic Achievement Award for the student with the overall highest ATAR score based on the best four subjects in the WACE school-based assessments.

AUSMAT students dressed to the nines for the night

AUSMAT also presented certificates of merit to students who participated in external mathematics competitions such as the Euclid Contest, Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) and Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). Some students even bagged top awards in these competitions with 3 students in Euclid and 5 students in AMC earning distinctions. As for the KMC, it was a shower of medals with two gold, eight silver and eleven bronze medals.

The elite members of the AUSMAT student council were also recognised for their tireless effort in planning events with their lecturers such as the Teacher’s Day, Talentime and the I Care Day.

The recipient of the Shield of Excellence for year 2015 was the President of the AUSMAT Student Council, William Khoo Swee Keong. He said “planning my schedule for the day and making daily goals goes a long way in balancing my time well. In AUSMAT, I definitely gained a lot of experience and learned how to be disciplined in sticking to my daily schedule. I've also learned to move on from failures, taking each one as a lesson”.

William Khoo receiving the Shield of Excellence Award from Aananthi Seventhy, Country Manager (International), Monash University

When asked about his feelings on receiving one of the outstanding awards in AUSMAT, William replied he was surprised but deeply grateful to know he had made an impact towards this pre-u program. He also said this would have never been possible without God as well as the support from AUSMAT lecturers and friends particularly members of the student council.

Ng Li Ling was all smiles when she went on stage to receive the High Academic Achievement Award. She not only bagged this prestigious award but also two subject awards for Chemistry and Mathematics 3AB and was one of the recipients of the silver medal for the KMC.

Recipients of the AUSMAT Best Subject Awards, High Academic Achievement Awards and the Shield of Excellence Award with AUSMAT lecturers, representatives from School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA), and Sunway Education Group Management

When asked on her study style, Li Ling mentioned she did not have a specific schedule throughout the year but had long study stretches during exam periods.

On winning the High Academic Achievement Award, Li Ling only knew about it during the ceremony so it came as a pleasant surprise to her. Winning this award was a confidence booster and motivation for her to continue working hard.

“I definitely gained a lot in the past year through AUSMAT. I gained many new friends, learnt how to be organized and express myself better but most importantly, I learnt how to adapt and persevere,” she said.

Both William and Li Ling were also student mentors during their study in AUSMAT.

Several Australian universities have generously sponsored book prizes for the subject award worth AUD 100 each. Monash University Australia sponsored 10 iPads with a congratulatory letter for all awardees. Below is the summary of the list of winners with the sponsors for the book prizes.

Excellent Awards Student's name Prize Prize Sponsor
High Academic Achievement Ng Li Ling iPad Monash University Australia
Shield of Excellence William Khoo Swee Keong iPad Monash University Australia

Best Subject Award Student's name Cash Prize Sponsor
Economics Leong Yuan Yian Murdoch University
Accounting and Finance Tee Shu Ern Grace Deakin University
Chemistry Ng Li Ling Murdoch University
Maths 3AB The University of South Australia
Psychology Priscilla Faith Lim Qin Yun The University of Adelaide
Biology Zachary Tan Zemin Murdoch University
EALD The University of New South Wales
English Enan Syed Munzar The University of New South Wales
Business Management & Enterprise Presanth Nair A/L Janathanan The University of New South Wales
Maths Specialist Tan Bang Yi The University of Queensland
Physics Murdoch University

* All subject awardees also received an iPad from Monash University Australia

Article by Diana Ann, Lecturer, AUSMAT Programme

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