24 January 2017

Sunway College and Rentwise Takes Going Green One Step Further

The IT Services Department at Sunway College takes going green seriously. Annually together with the Safety and Health Department, and Facilities Department, the IT Services Department carries out an e-Waste Disposal Campaign where unwanted electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, batteries, chargers, and other electronic components belonging to staff and students are disposed via e-Waste collection bins placed in strategic locations throughout the Sunway campus. The collected e-Waste is then properly disposed.

Taking the going green initiative one step further, Sunway College collaborated with Rentwise early this year to sponsor 30 sets of refurbished Dell desktops and LCD monitors to Sekolah Kebangsaan St Mary in Kuala Lumpur. The computers form the school’s first computer lab, providing students’ the opportunity to gain computer literacy and knowledge.

As part of its ongoing CSR programme, the IT Services Department at Sunway College was happy to collaborate with Rentwise which refurbished the computers and will provide maintenance for the computers. Refurbished computers which are well maintained and serviced perform similar to new computers and are expected to last 3-5 years.

The refurbishment of computers is in line with the “no wastage” policy shared by Sunway College and Rentwise, where both organisations aim to uphold green practices for a sustainable future.

The merging of reducing un-called for disposal of recyclable resources with providing opportunities for the less fortunate is an ideal way for both organisations to give back to society. The computers are hoped to boost the school’s computer-aided learning where the students will have the opportunity to gain wider knowledge, expanded horizons, and access to a better future.

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