24 January 2017

Homecoming – VU Class of July 2001

VU is family – were the words of Ling Chee Siong, a VU alumni, as he took in the atmosphere and reflected on being home again after 12 years. It was a day of celebration on the 12th of December 2016 for VU Sunway as we welcomed 42 alumni, class of July 2001, including their spouses and children, to once again visit their alma mater and recollect treasured memories of their undergraduate years. The event was made more remarkable with the gracious presence of Dr Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of Sunway Education Group, as the Guest-of-Honour, Ms Greeja De Silva, Director of Programme and Ms Irene Teoh, Deputy Director of Programme, alongside senior lecturers who have taught this cohort. The festive occasion saw the homecoming of the once-students as they met their classmates and lecturers with open arms and warm greetings.

Former and current VU students, some who had travelled far, came to lend a hand in making this homecoming event a success. The 60-strong group of lecturers, VU students and the alumni added to the merriment of the occasion. Now accomplished in their own careers, some of the alumni shared their success stories and also recollected fond memories of being a VU student at Sunway. They were impressed with the tremendous changes of the new college structures and prided in the development of the leading-edge learning facilities that the college offers.

The lively chatter was complemented with jests and laughter about old student antics particularly about being back-benchers, of class attendances and tardiness and remembering lecturers and their amusing traits. The alumni students were brought back in time as they were shown old snapshots of their university and graduation days. It was indeed a moving and delighting view as we saw the alumni pick off from where they left with their friends and lecturers amidst caring for their young children and enjoying the scrumptious dinner courtesy of the programme. With hands held in unison, the cherished night came to an end with the universal farewell Auld Lang Syne filling the air and sealing a lasting bond amongst the VU family members until they meet again.

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