27 July 2016

Victoria University Business Club (VUBC) organised Team-Building

The Victoria University Business Club (VUBC) organized a 3 days / 2 nights Team-Building event from 20th June to 22nd of June 2016 at OUTBAC Broga, located at Semenyih. The purpose of this trip was to strengthen the relationship between VUBC members and encourage them to step out of their comfort zones.

Amongst the many activities, two of the extreme activities carried out during this trip included caving and waterfall abseiling both of which require immense courage and reliance amongst team members. Throughout these activities it was observed that some of the members had overcome their fears. In addition, they displayed teamwork, helping each other to overcome obstacles, thus demonstrating the true spirit of the VUBC.

On the second night, a confession session, was held, as part of VUBC’s culture. Every member penned down their thoughts, suggestions and well wishes , dedicating these to other members. As expected , this session enabled the unspoken to surface, and helped create a better understanding amongst members as well reflection on how to improve themselves.

“ All good things must come to an end”. This memorable trip came to an end and everyone said goodbye to each other on the sunny day of 22nd June 2016. The Club also bid farewell to three members who were leaving VUBC to transfer to Australia to continue their studies or due to personal reasons.

Written by: Carson Ang

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