26 May 2016

Time International School Visit To Sunway Campus

The great scholar Socrates once quoted; “There is no real good or real evil, the only one good is knowledge and the only one evil is ignorance.” We can indirectly say education gives birth to civilized society and open up minds to various possibilities. With the advancement in globalization, the availability of education comes in the form of study institutions as a formal channel to impart knowledge. With the increase in tertiary education institutions, students are task with selecting the institution that best suited to their future choice of careers.

A group of eighteen IGCSE high school students from TIME International School accompanied by their teacher, Mr. Chingiskhan Berdibekov from Kazakhstan visited Sunway campus on Friday 8th April with the objective of seeking in depth information on the variety of pre-university / foundation programmes offered by Sunway College. The school is located in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. The energetic group consisted of eleven nationalities ranging from Indonesia, Albania, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Myanmar, Tanzania, Turkey, South Africa and Malaysian students.

The International Office staff namely Agus Lina and Terence Tung coordinated the overall visit and played host. They introduced the Sunway brand by presenting the crucial information on programmes, facilities and services. The students were also introduced to Sunway’s formula for success mainly being a strong tradition of academic excellence prevails at Sunway and that every attention is given to our students’ development. Students develop teamwork, communication and independent learning skills which builds confidence and success. Subsequently a video featuring Sunway successfully riled up the passion within the students to pursue their higher education here in Sunway.

A comprehensive campus tour was conducted to showcase the key facilities such as the lecture theatres, classrooms, computer and multimedia labs, science labs, library, canopy walk, cafeteria etc. The hustle and bustle of the campus life coupled with the myriad of Sunway internationalized community at the premises impressed the visitors. They were pleased to receive Sunway goody bags and enjoyed the refreshments at the cafeteria.

In a nutshell, the students experienced the momentum of an active campus life. The campus visit served as a platform to introduce quality education to potential students. The students bid farewell as they departed to visit Monash University.

Article written by: 
Terence Tung and Baskaran (Busky)
International Office


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