07 December 2015

Sunway College AUSMAT Student Inspired by His Teachers and Peers

“The lecturers here are amazing. For you to fully grasp the subjects, they patiently guide you and teach you,” says eighteen year old William Khoo, who enrolled in the AUSMAT programme in January this year. The former student of SMK Seafield finds AUSMAT generally a fun and fast paced programme.

He finds the scope of study and the environment most interesting, “The way we are taught during class is different compared to secondary school. Here in AUSMAT, we are taught to think outside the box and apply that to our studies.” “This year has definitely shaped me to be a more independent and disciplined individual. I owe this to my time here in the AUSMAT programme. I am constantly surrounded by peers who know how to play as hard as they study. This gives me the motivation and drive to do the same. I have learned about my individual flaws and learnt to improve mistakes, taking each failure as a lesson.”

Elected President of the AUSMAT Student Council in February, William recently paid tribute to his teachers at the AUSMAT Teaching Appreciation Day.

“Teachers are amazing as they are able to give us a sense of hope and ignite our imagination. For many years, I have observed how teachers teach. I have witnessed the best and the worst. Truly, the AUSMAT lecturers are some of the best.

Their dedication, diligence as well as the impact they have on each and every one of us are both exemplary and exceptional. Great teachers can never tell where their influence stops. AUSMAT lecturers are exactly that. And I strongly believe that the high achievers' posters we see on the classroom walls are a testament to the unwavering commitment of an amazing team of 34 lecturers who are sitting right in front of us today”, said William Khoo Swee Keong, President of AUSMAT Student Council at the Teacher’s Appreciation Day which was organised by students of the Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) programme at Sunway College as tribute to their lecturers.

“So on this special day to appreciate our beloved lecturers, I would like to take this opportunity to say to our AUSMAT lecturers, thank you. To the lecturers who inspire us every day, we say thank you. To the lecturers we take for granted every time we walk in to class, we say thank you. To the lecturers who teach us with a smile even though they have had a rough day, we say thank you. These thank yous may seem small and insignificant, but they come from the bottom of our most grateful hearts,” he continued.

As President of the AUSMAT Student Council, William’s achievements with his team include successfully carrying out the annual I-Care Day, a mini carnival where proceeds made were donated to charity. “We had also the AUSMAZING Race which was a follow up to the I-Care Day. Recently, we pulled off the Teaching Appreciation Day and Talent Time.

I would say the best part about being President is being part of something that would be able to make a change – an impact. As President, I feel that knowing I have helped made someone’s experience in AUSMAT a little better makes all the effort worthwhile. It’s also a perk that I get to broaden my circle of friends, giving as well as receiving support and advice from one another”, explained William.

He finds the important takeaway in his role as President, “First, my impact as a President would be insignificant if it wasn’t for the help and support of the AUSMAT Student Council and the lecturers. They are the real heroes. I merely got the privilege to work alongside them. It is very important to listen to opinions from students and advice from the student council when it comes to events. Ultimately, I learned the importance of teamwork and leading by example.”

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