02 December 2015

Aim High with A-Level at Sunway College

“My time in the A-level has provided me the opportunity to become a more matured person in the sense that I am able to comprehend complex problems through a systematic thought process which was inculcated into the programme. The friends and teachers I met during my A-levels will always be an important part of my life, even though we have taken on different paths in life” said Janesh Nathan, who completed his A-Level at Sunway College.

A recipient of the Gamuda Scholarship Award 2015, Janesh is currently in his first year at Monash University Malaysia pursuing his 3-year Bachelors of Commerce (Accounting).

Recounting his time, Janesh finds “The most interesting part of the programme is that the exam is structured in such a way that students have to understand the theory of the subject matter and apply it to real world situations. This requires students to search for additional information beyond the A-level books to attain a deep understanding in order to apply them practically to the problem at hand.

The programme itself is fantastic, it does not merely try to make sure you complete the programme, but provides you with a strong foundation that will be advantageous in future undertakings. Also, Sunway College has dedicated lecturers who are committed to make sure their students are well equipped to handle examinations and succeed in their future.”

Citing economics as his favourite subject, “I was always fascinated by the world’s financial markets and the capital markets. Miss Cherilyn Low, my economics lecturer and also my mentor during A-level, always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and provided support when I required help with economics through consultations after classes. Till today, when I encounter a tough problem in my university Economics unit, she is always willing to give a helping hand”, he explained. Asides from studying, Janesh was active in extra-curricular activities. He was President of the A-Level Student Council (ALSCO) where, “As a President, I was able to draw upon the diverse skills and talents of the Student Council members. It was interesting to see how a group of individuals who are from various backgrounds can work together with appropriate guidance and leadership to perform ground breaking tasks and outperform their own expectations.

The best part of being ALSCO President was being able to work together with an outstanding student council body, comprising of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals I have ever met. Together, we successfully organised some of the biggest events in the A-level programme, one of the major ones being the Halloween Haunted Maze. I will forever cherish the memories of our team work and great times shared with my council peers as they truly made my experience a memorable one. I could never have been a successful President, if not for the support of the awesome team.”

Overall, my time at Sunway College really provided me the opportunity to explore my leadership and team working skills through active involvement in various extra-curricular activities.

For Janesh Nathan, the A-Level at Sunway College is definitely not just about learning through text books and in the classroom. Students in the programme are encouraged to participate in out-of-the classroom activities where they get to explore and learn valuable skills such as communication and teamwork.

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