06 January 2012

Role model women inspire a sweet act from Chermaine

After weeks of talking to and listening to 5 inspirational Malaysian philanthropic women as the host of NTV 7’s SK-11 Miracle Makers, Chermaine Poo decided that she would do her part for charity as well – by baking cupcakes to raise funds for a charitable organisation of her choice. Poo became the highlight in the show she was hosting when she challenged herself to bake 1,000 cupcakes and to sell them, in a charity drive named “Chermaine’s Cupcake Charity”.

The TV actress and chartered accountant baked the cupcakes single-handedly, only enlisting the help of her celebrity acquaintances and close friends to pack the cupcakes, all done within a span of two days. Within that time, Poo had to sell the beautiful cupcakes, packed in boxes of 6 starting at RM50 each, at Sunway Pyramid.

Chermaine (4th from right) delivered cupcakes to staff and students at Sunway campus foyer

One of the first people she approached was Elizabeth Lee, the Executive Director of Sunway Education Group, a person she got to know as an ACCA student of Sunway College. To her delight, Lee informed Poo that Sunway University would donate RM5,000 towards her cupcake charity drive.

On her way to deliver the cupcakes to Sunway Pyramid, Poo made a special delivery of the cupcakes in a white Lotus sports car, at Sunway University. The delicious cupcakes were distributed to students and staff at the Sunway campus.

Poo admitted it was hard work. The entire process had to be planned out carefully as she could not afford to lose any time. The long hours of baking were very tiring and the pressure to meet the target on time was tremendous.

“I kept reminding myself that my five mentors did exactly that – they kept on doing it and did not give up. I thank God for the strength and perseverance, and my family and friends for their encouragement and support, and NTV 7 and SK-11 for giving me the opportunity and platform to launch my charity drive” said Poo.

Poo sold the rest of the cupcakes at Sunway Pyramid’s main concourse raising a total of RM18,000 for Shelter Home for Children, Petaling Jaya, proving without a doubt that she could make her own miracle project.

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