03 June 2011

Sunway celebrates I “Heart” Earth Month

Sunway University in conjunction with the World Environment Day celebrated worldwide on 5 June 2011 has dedicated an entire month to show its support to Mother Nature. The campaign, an initiative by the Sunway Education Group is a concerted effort to create awareness and encourage lifestyle changes that support the preservation of our Earth by reducing, reusing and recycling as well as reducing carbon emissions to slow the effects of global warming and climate change.

During the opening speech, Ms Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of Sunway Education Group said, “The progress of climate change abatement must go hand in hand with the strong involvement of communities and organizations to spur lifestyle changes and create awareness of the consequences of our actions on our environment”.

Elizabeth Lee and Sunway University Student Council committee members during the tree planting ceremony.

A tree planting ceremony by the Sunway University Student Council commemorated the official launch of the campaign on the 1 June 2011. Elizabeth Lee, and Chiah Mun Mun, President of the Sunway University Student Council 2011 (SUSC) and committee members of the SUSC joined hands and planted two saplings that will grow into a grand Flame of the forest and Neem trees.

The campaign will also see a series of activities led by the Sunway University Student Council such as a collection of items for recycling, selling seeds and plants for the rooftop garden, a green bazaar that welcomes vendors with eco-friendly merchandizes such as Tupperware, handmade accessories, ecobaskets and the screening of documentaries as well as the launch of the No Plastic Bag Campaign.

WWF occupied one of the booths during the campaign to collect pledges from Sunway staff and students to live a more “greener” lifestyle.

The weekly collection drive of recyclable items will be sold and the proceeds will be channelled towards the Green Fund. The Green Fund will be used for the Student Council to support activities that benefit the environment.

The No Plastic Day Campaign will see all kiosks and outlets supporting the campaign by not providing free plastic bags that kickstarted on 1 June 2011, every Wednesday. Customers are encouraged to bring their own bag or alternatively purchase a plastic bag. The campaign will run until 31 August 2011, in which every day will be “No plastic bag” days.

Through the I “Heart” Earth Month Campaign, Sunway Education Group hopes to create awareness and stand united to make Mother Earth healthier as she is our home. The campaign aims to create a sense of personal responsibility within people and make them understand that their actions can help preserve the planet for the future generation to enjoy.

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