03 June 2011

Student grateful phone was returned to him

Eldiiar Kemelbekov’s family were anxious and worried about him when they could not get hold of him recently. Having lost his phone, he had no way of contacting them or any relatives as he could not recall their numbers off hand. He had stored them all in his mobile phone which he had lost and did not know how to get in touch with them. Eldiiar, a 10th Grade Sunway International School (SIS) student from Kyrgyzstan lost his phone on 24 May 2011.After realizing that he had misplaced his phone, he went back to the classroom in which he last recalled seeing it to relocate it. After failing to find it, he proceeded to the Security Department to make a report of his lost Nokia N96 mobile phone at 5:30pm.

At 5:40, Erfan Shakid, a student from Iran currently studying the Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) at Sunway College, found the phone in the North Building, West Wing Level 1 on the table. He then reported it to the Security Department.

Eldiiar delighted to receive his phone from Erfan, witnessed by Mr Gopal Kandasamy.

At 5:50pm the same day, Mr Gopal Kandasamy, Manager of the Security Department arranged for Erfan to hand over the phone to the very grateful Eldiiar as Mr Tan Kheng Loon, Director of Operations witnessed the event.

Eldiiar was very grateful and happy to have received his phone. He said, “I was afraid there would be no way for me to communicate with my family if I had not received my phone back. Most importantly, it was the contact numbers in my phone that mattered to me’.

Sunway College (Sunway) is very honoured to have many honest students come forward with items they have found. These items have been safely returned to their owners with the cooperation of the Security Department. Sunway hopes to cultivate honesty within everyone in order to provide a safer environment for learning and growth.

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