23 August 2017

MUFY wins Monash University Innovation Challenge 2017

Monash Innovation Challenge 2017 was open to all Pre-University students and the challenge was to develop innovative and practical solutions for the less fortunate in Malaysia. Students had to propose an idea and build a prototype. Shortlisted teams presented their working prototype and pitched to a panel from Monash University Malaysia.

MUFY teams won the 1st and 3rd prizes and walked away with RM5000 and RM3000 respectively for their innovative prototypes.

1st prize (Jeffrey Loo Moon Seng, Loo Meng Yoon, Randy Chin Wei Jin, Nicholas Loong Kah Fai)

Prototype: The device is a walking stick accessory to enhance the mobility of the blind using ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles higher than the walking stick. The device will be powered by renewable energy.

3rd prize (Wong Zhi Wei, Izad Imran, Tan Tze Jie, Ashraf Alias)

Prototype: 'Clip n Go' is a device that uses motion and sunlight to charge a battery using a piezoelectric generator and solar cells. It will be worn on clothes during the day to charge and will power up LED lights in homes of the less fortunate.

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