24 May 2017

Discovering An Array of Opportunities with MUFY at Sunway College

“MUFY and Sunway as a whole gave me an unbelievable array of opportunities, along with the supported freedom to pursue them to the best of my abilities. Throughout all 6 schools I’ve been to, including public, private, and international schools, I’ve seen Sunway prioritise the merit of their students the most, not just for me but for all the many hardworking and capable students I’ve met as well”, said Michelle Lee who completed the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) programme at Sunway College last year.

Michelle will be continuing her studies at the Minerva Schools at KGI in San Francisco, California in late August this year. “The revolutionary pedagogy towards learning that not only promotes but requires full participation and initiative from every student. I’m looking forward to classes at Minerva, where lectures are banned and all 15-18 students are consistently called on and tracked, with class performance being graded alongside assignments. I’m also particularly excited for the weekly opportunities we’ll have in each of the 7 world cities we’re visiting such as location-based assignments, networking events, and internship opportunities. And living and learning with the accomplished professors, students, and staff! The Minerva class of 2021 already has an online group chat and I never knew It was possible to feel this connected and excited by a group of people I’ve never met”, she said.

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