28 September 2016

Congratulations to Joel Chan Kheng Hong from AUSMAT

Congratulations to our AUSMAT student, Joel Chan Kheng Hong who won the Grand Prize Award at the Monash Business Investment Competition 2016. Joel is one of the four winners selected from 42 pre-university participants from around the Klang Valley.

Monash Business Investment Competition is an annual competition organized by the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia with an aim to expose and create an interest in the world of finance and investment among the pre-university students. 21 teams formed by 42 participants participated in the two-day event. Each participating team was given a virtual start-up capital to invest based on simulated cases provided and the 21 teams were required to trade amongst each other to create demand and supply on investment by bidding and asking at appropriate prices.

While this challenge requires quick learning, fast decision making, analytical skills and teamwork, both students from AUSMAT (Joel Chan and Tung Shiau Ton) made it to the final round (individual competition) with Joel Chan emerging as one of the four grand prize winners. He was rewarded with a Monash University Malaysia Partial Scholarship, which gives him a 50% fee waiver to do Bachelor of Business and Commerce.

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