16 October 2015

Sunway College Dominates the Monash Business Investment Challenge 2015

Sunway College students stormed into victory at the Monash Business Investment Challenge (BIC) 2015, raking all prizes from the competition.

Chai Lit Kean and Tan Shao Qian from Sunway College’s Monash University Foundation (MUFY) emerged as the grand winners and were rewarded with a Monash University Malaysia Partial Scholarship worth of 50 percent tuition fee waiver. Hue Zhi Yang and Thew Shao Chuan from Sunway College’s A-level were the first runners-up, winning a cash prize of RM2,000.

The winners of Business Investment Challenge 2015 - all from Sunway College. From left: 3rd runners-up Eric Teh Soon Guan and Ng Yeng Ching (A-level), 1st runners-up Hue Zhi Yang and Thew Shao Chuan (A-level), Grand prize winners Chai Lit Kean and Tan Shao Qian (MUFY) and 2nd runners-up (CIMP)

Loo Yoke Yee and Bae Jeong Yong from Sunway College’s Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP) were the second runners-up; while Eric Teh Soon Guan and Ng Yeng Ching from Sunway College’s A-level were third runners-up. The two-day BIC, organised by the Monash University Malaysia’s School of Business in collaboration with Marketing and Future Students, aimed at inculcating greater awareness about the accounting and financial studies. The competition was a simulation of the real world business investment to expose participants in stock investment.

A total of 27 teams comprising of pre-university students from around the Klang Valley participated in the event. On the first day, participants were immersed in a stock trading and investment training session by Dr Jothee Sinnakkannu, Monash University’s Lecturer of Finance, through a simulated virtual stock market to buy and sell shares of different companies. Participants were also introduced to ways of operating trading terminals and how information should be processed to make successful trades.

“I had very little idea of how the stock market worked. So I attended a business workshop organised by the Monash School of Business. It exposed me to the complicated world of finance and also the stock exchange,” said Chai. He also said they were caught up in an intense competition with the A-Levels Sunway College team, as the team was well prepared and decisive in the market.

Chai’s team member, Tan, attributed their win to team effort. “Lit Kean was indeed knowledgeable about stock trading and he had a quick mathematical mind to adjust to each given situation,” he said. Tan also added that prior to the challenge, he utilised financial websites and YouTube to help him understand the fundamentals involved in stock trading.

Sunway College is one of nation’s premier provider of pre-university studies which aims to nurture well-rounded students with sound fundamental knowledge and skills needed for smooth transition to university. It was no surprise for Sunway College’s students to perform outstandingly in the BIC and bringing all prizes home.

Hue Zhi Yang and Thew Shao Chuan who are in their final semester of A-level were satisfied with their result though they missed out on the grand prize. Hue, the aspiring economist, is eyeing on admission to University of Cambridge while Thew, who aspires to be financial analyst is hoping to continue his degree in the London School of Economics.

Supporting the students as the chaperon was Esther Soh Hian Gek, A-level Accounting Lecturer. “Winning the competition was entirely students’ efforts and talents,” quipped Esther.

Sunway College is extremely proud of Chai Lit Kean, Tan Shao Qian, Hue Zhi Yang, Thew Shao Chuan, Eric The Soon Guan and Ng Yeng Ching’s achievements and wish them the very best in their studies at Sunway College and future undertaking.

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