22 August 2015

AUSMAT Students Pay Tribute to Teachers

“Teachers are amazing as they are able to give us a sense of hope and ignite our imagination. For many years, I have observed how teachers teach. I have witnessed the best and the worst. Truly, the AUSMAT lecturers are some of the best. Their dedication, diligence as well as the impact they have on each and every one of us are both exemplary and exceptional. Great teachers can never tell where their influence stops. AUSMAT lecturers are exactly that. And I strongly believe that the high achievers' posters we see on the classroom walls are a testament to the unwavering commitment of an amazing team of 34 lecturers who are sitting right in front of us today”, said William Khoo Swee Keong, President of AUSMAT Student Council at the Teacher’s Appreciation Day which was organised by students of the Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) programme at Sunway College as tribute to their lecturers.

Shireen Chin Mei Yee on the Gu Zheng

“So on this special day to appreciate our beloved lecturers, I would like to take this opportunity to say to our AUSMAT lecturers, thank you. To the lecturers who inspire us every day, we say thank you. To the lecturers we take for granted every time we walk in to class, we say thank you. To the lecturers who teach us with a smile even though they have had a rough day, we say thank you. These thank yous may seem small and insignificant, but they come from the bottom of our most grateful hearts,” he continued.

Calvin Hong Jia Hau and Dexter Wong Xian Yang

Vanitha Satchithanadan, Director of AUSMAT at Sunway College also acknowledged her academic team who have nurtured their students well especially AUSMAT student mentors who have made a difference in helping their peers. Through the dedication of the academic team, students have performed better than those in Australia, consistently attaining good results which has placed AUSMAT at Sunway College in the top ten percent of the yearly ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) exam.

Square One

In tune with the day’s celebration was a Talent Time featuring a line-up of performances by AUSMAT students. Lecturers and students were entertained with a variety of dance, musical and vocal performances.

AUSMAT lecturers with the AUSMAT Student Council Members

Winner of the Talent Time were duo Calvin Hong Jia Hau and Dexter Wong Xian Yang who performed the song Skyfall by Adele with Calvin on vocals and Dexter on the keyboard. Coming in second place was the group ‘Square One’, comprised of Wong Jia Yi Natalie, Lily Ooi, Loo Yoong Jian and Wong Wern Han. The group who performed a medley of mash-up songs, gave away two movie tickets to one of their lucky AUSMATians who accurately named all the songs. Shireen Chin Mei Yee who thrilled the audience with the song Battling the Typhoon on the guzheng (Chinese harp) came in third.

The celebration concluded with the AUSMAT Student Council members presenting the lecturers with their very own ‘stars’.

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