10 June 2015

Sunway Education Group bridges the generation gap

“As parents and guardians, we would want to bring out the best in our child, in all aspects of learning, in school and at every stage of their learning journey in the hope that we can create a better future together,” said Dr Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of Sunway University and Sunway Education Group at the start of the Sunway Parent Conference 2015.

In support of parents or guardians in their parenting challenges in the 21st century, Sunway Education Group’s Student Services Department organised the one-day conference, themed “Bridging the Generation Gap”.

Paul Jambunathan was the keynote speaker at the Sunway Parent Conference 2015

Over a hundred parents attended the event and were treated to a keynote address titled “Parents in the 21st Century” and the lecture “Importance of Nurturing the EQ of your Child” by Paul Jambunathan, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, the forum “Parent Dialogue: Bridging the Generation Gap” by three panelists including Robert Boxwell, Founder and Managing Director of San Francisco Coffee and EXCO member of the Harvard Club of Malaysia, Dato’ Noor Rezan Bapoo Hashim, Trustee of Teach for Malaysia and former Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Education Malaysia and Dr Ng Kok Moi, former dentist and ex-employee with the Ministry of Health; and talks by Datin Pauline Tam Poh Lin, Partner of KPMG, and Nadine Dinh, Marketing and Relations Manager of Universum Global.

From left: Dato’ Noor Rezan Bapoo Hashim, Lee Siok Ping, Sunway Education Group’s Director of Student Services Department, Dr Ng Kok Moi, Dr Elizabeth Lee, Robert Boxwell, Raymond Lee Kok Han, Moderator of the forum and Senior Counsellor of Sunway Education Group’s Student Services Department

Jambunathan kicked off and ended the day with entertaining and enlightening lectures with the key message that the role of bridging the generation gap lies with the parents, and the best way to achieve this is to spend time with and to understand the children so that parents can ‘cross’ the gap and see things from their children's point if view.

Nadine Dinh talked about “Trending Careers: Asian Outlook”

“Whenever patients consult me about parenting, I will take them for a "walk" down their memory lane, to recall what they as a child, wanted or did not want their parents to do to them. This is how a parent can start to understand and empathise a child,” explained Jambunathan who has more than 38 years of experience as a registered psychologist.

Datin Pauline Tam Poh Lin shared “A New Workplace for A New Generation” with the participants of the Sunway Parent Conference 2015

Sunway Education Group supports and organises initiatives of educating the nation. Conferences like the Sunway Parent Conference are part of the company’s effort for such good cause.

Participants were mainly parents and full of praise for the conference


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