14 May 2011

Another honest student in Sunway College

A very grateful Mr Koh Mui Siang stepped into Sunway College on Tuesday, 10th May 2011 to retrieve his lost HTC phone from Tan Li Jean, a 2nd Semester Foundation in Arts (FIA) Student.

A very happy Koh Mui Siang receiving his phone from Tan Li Jean with Mr Gopal Kandasamy (centre), Manager of Security Department at Sunway.

“I am so grateful to Tan for returning my phone back to me as it is very important to me. In fact I’m very fortunate to have lost my phone in Sunway”. Koh chuckled.

Koh thought he’d never see his HTC phone again since he lost it on Monday evening during his visit to Sunway College for an enquiry. Thanks to Tan Li Jean, his phone was safely returned to him.

Mr Koh presenting a token of appreciation to Tan Li Jean.

Koh reported his missing phone to the Security department at 4pm on 9 May 2011 when he came to Sunway to enquire about courses. Tan Li Jean found the HTC phone lying on one of the tables near the ATM machines at the foyer, where she wanted to place her books. She retrieved the phone the same day slightly after 4pm and immediately surrendered it to the security office.

Mr Gopal Kandasamy, Manager of the Security Department immediately arranged for Tan Li Jean to personally hand over the phone to Koh Mui Siang. At 10:30am on Tuesday, Tan Li Jean returned the HTC phone to Mr Koh in the presence of Mr Gopal. Mr Tan Kheng Loon, Director of Operations also witnessed the return of the HTC phone to Mr Koh. Tan Li Jean was rewarded with a small token of appreciation for her honesty by Mr Koh.

The Security department received a hamper from Mr Koh on Wednesday thanking them for their safekeeping his phone.

The phone is estimated to be worth RM2,000. Koh also said, “Sunway students and the security team are doing a very good job”.

Mr Gopal said, “Students in Sunway are very responsible as anything found are given to a security personnel and we make an effort to return it back to the owner”. Mr Tan further added, “Cash and other items that have gone missing and are often times returned to a security personnel”.

The thank you note from Mr Koh to the Security department.

Tan Li Jean said, “I empathised with the owner of the lost phone when I found it. If I had lost my phone I would want someone to return it back to me”.

Sunway College would like to praise Tan Li Jean for her integrity.

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